Thursday, 19 November 2015

Improve Software Quality

Improve Software Quality= Development Improvement + Management Improvement

Development Improvement

1. Get the Requirements Right
               Impact on Quality: Meet business requirements; achieve a satisfying user experience.
               Benefit: Less rework means less retesting and fewer cycles, which greatly reduces the overall effort.
2. Design Applications to Lessen Bug Risk
               Impact on Quality: Reduce defects.
               Benefit: Simpler, cleaner designs result in code that is simpler, cleaner, and easier to test and rework.
3. Implement Best Practices, Follow Design Patterns & Principles, Increase Reusability
               Impact on Quality: Improves Quality and Performance
               Benefit: Decreases unexpected bugs. Best Practices and Design Principle improves skills, reduces waste and improves quality. Fast development & thus Developers/Managers could give more time about Quality and user experience.
4. Test Smarter to Test Less & Optimize the Use of Testing Tools
               Impact on Quality: Reduce defects.
               Benefit: A focus at risk areas on testing the most crucial. Automation frees resources from mundane testing to focus on the highest-priority tests and increases test cycles' repeatability.

Management Improvement

1. Fine-Tune Team/Individual Goals to Include Quality
               Impact on Quality: Meet business requirements; achieve a satisfying user experience; reduce defects.
               Benefit:Team members perform according to their incentives, making quality improvement part of their goals reinforces desirable behavior.
2. Define Quality and Broadcast Simple Quality Metrics
               Impact on Quality: Achieve a satisfying user experience. Increases Quality
               Benefit: Highly visible metrics keep quality top of mind for the entire team and expose when efforts fall short.
3. Reuse Knowledge and Experience
               Impact on Quality: Reduce defects.
               Benefit: Reusing ideas, documents, and expertise avoids making the same mistakes again. Makes the organization's best problem-solving experiences reusable.

4. Continues Feedbacks
               Impact on Quality: Improves Quality and User experience.
               Benefit: Whatever has been learned about the product, the processes that produced it, or any other feedback will improve improves Quality and User experience.

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